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Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Updates!

Is anyone out there reading any of this?

Hello? Echo....echo.....echo....

*ahem*..anyway. Just a few things as to what's been happening lately.

First off, Destiny Entertainment will be changing its name! Due to too many similarly named companies, namely a fellow videography business in California by the same name, I have decided to change our identity. So more or less very soon, Destiny Entertainment will become:

We hope the new name will be a tad more...shall we say...."unique." So far so good *cross fingers*

So the next thing.....

I have shelved the Ace Callahan script I've been working on. WHAT? AGAIN? WILL YOU PICK SOMETHING ALREADY!! I know, I know....

There is hope, though. After a conversation with a good friend of mine and fellow writer/filmmaker, I've decided to pull an old script I was telling her about out of mothballs and see what I could do with it. I'm not going to go into detail, that'll come later, but it's coming along, albeit slowly, and is looking extremely doable.

More to come...

Peace ya'll.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shroom Garden of Doom: Curse of the Leaking A/C!!

That's right, folks, after a rather long hiatus, I have returned to recount a very strange time in my life, an incident so frightening, so horrific, and so many other adjectives that could be used to describe the fear of terror, that I have waited so long to put them them here in writing for you. Prepare yourself, for this tale is not for weak of heart.

Our story begins last year, just after the onslaught of Charley, Ivan, Francis, and Jeanne. As Florida recovered from the destruction and people returned to the former normality of their lives another horror awaited, silent and waiting, taking shape from the darkness to rear its evil ghastly head....err, heads.....caps really. Growing out from between the baseboards and carpet directly underneath the air conditioner stood a menagerie of horrid albino mushrooms, the likes of which should never be witnessed again!


That night I tool several pictures of the evil which sprung from my carpet and the next morning handed the images over to the leasing office, evidence that I was not, in fact, losing my mind.

The staff at the office were astounded and aghast at what I showed them. Upon further investigation, maintenance technicians ruled out water damage caused by the onslaught of hurricanes. The drain-pipe to the A/C had clogged, filling the drain-pan and was overflowing down the inside of the wall. Over the next several days, a portion of water-damaged drywall would be replaced beneath the A/C, the carpet would be treated with a "bio-kill," some form of anti-mushroom magical concoction, and the entire A/C unit replaced. After about a week, it seemed all was well, and again I could rest easy.

Little did I know that ghastly horror would rear is gruesome head..err..cap, once again.....

The next several months passed without incident, until one day, I discovered, much to my chagrin, that my A/C pan was full, the drain pipe again, clogged. At my feet, evil had in fact returned, sprouting forth once again, taunting me with mind games that it would never truly leave. Again, more pictures were taken since there had been a turnover of staff at the leasing office, as well as new maintencance workers, most likely driven mad from the fungus. The images were studied and theories specualted upon regarding what could be fertilizing such horrendous evil.

Charging myself with a constant vigil over the A/C, I discovered the drain pan was leaking down onto the drain pan from the original A/C. It had been left on the floor inside the wall, covered in a brown, moldy-like substance. Deciding to keep a level head and not point fingers and accusations while also controlling my growing frustration, I reported my findings to the leasing office, wanting only to resolve the issue and to rid my home of this undying evil.

It would be another week's time before I would finally be rid of the unholy infestation determined to drive me from my home. With the pan again drained, the old pan removed and bio-kill again reapplied to the carpet it seems the terror that plagued me for so long has at long last been destroyed. Yet, I cannot say I have become totally at ease since their destruction. Paranoia and dread of their return tug at me every so often, perhaps some last bit of dark magic performed on my mind before their demise. I can never be sure.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Ace and Other Updates

Well, it's been several weeks since my last post. The past month-ish has been crazy-go-nuts busy to borrow a phrase from the good people at Homestar Runner.

The new Ace Callahan script continues and is developing more and more. The latest epiphonic (is that a word? It is now) moment I had is I can now picture the person I have casted as Police Captain Green actually playing the part. I'm able to hear his voice speaking his lines, making writing for him much easier. I'm continuing to rework what I already have written, which makes it seem like I'm not getting anywhere, but it's really helping the story flow and come together better...and to be honest, I'm still working the story out. I'm working off a fairly loose plot and some scribbled notes. Prewriting? Planned out story? HA!! Ok, there's been a little of that....hopefully none of my former writing professors will read this.

A new dilemma has presented itself. It seems my Sony Digi8 Handycam may be dying a slow death. A sudden loss in picture quality has created yet another setback with my brother's JMEA project. You can find out what that's all about by visiting Masked Men Productions. Attempts to clean the camera heads have thus far produced no results, so unless a new cleaning tape will take care of it, it may be time for an upgrade. Without the Digi8 or a camera with a digital output I'm pretty much up SOL as far as shooting anything. Fortunately, until the Ace script is still being written so there's no rush on replacing it if need be. However, if all goes well, Destiny Entertainment will be upgrading some of it's shooting gear......mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, says I.

I think that's about it for now. Be on the lookout for "Shroom Garden of Doom - Curse of The Leaking A/C" I know you'll just love it.

Monday, March 21, 2005

A Night With Styx

With the week and a half extravaganza which was mine and my brother's birthdays come and gone, I've decided to reflect on what has been a truly incredible evening.

Two Fridays ago....that would be March 11th, my mom surprised me by bringing my aunt and her two sons along to a lunch date that her and I had set. The three of them were visiting from South Carolina, which I found out later that only my mom knew about. Very cool surprise considering they don't get down here to Florida very often and I haven't seen them in quite some time.

Now my mind was already set on the coming saturday, in which I would be seeing, now for the third time, my all time favorite band - Styx....or as my brother and I affectionatly refer to as "Lawrence Gowan & The JY Orchestra."

Now usually, when we go to concerts, we take our mom with us because it's either music she likes or has at least heard of. That's right, I said it. I take my mom to rock concerts. What? ....whatever. So let me paint this picture for you. You got me and my brother, my mom, my aunt, and my two cousins sitting about 6 feet from center stage of a Styx concert, at the Orlando Harley Davidson Factory.....during Bike Week. Except for the crazy, drunken biker lady next to us, we had a freaking blast seeing one of the great iconic bands of the 70's and 80's prove that even with some personnel changes, can still rock. I dare to say it, but having grown up listening to Styx since the early 80's, I believe this to be the best they've ever been. The sheer energy and excitement coming off that stage was all theirs, not accentuated through smoke and lasers and eleborate theatrics, but through the awesome unleashed power of rock n' roll. These guys looked as if they were having the times of their lives.

So now I'm done preaching...Here's some pics from the show. Unfortunatly, we weren't able to get a good shot of Todd cause he's hidden behind his big ol' drumset. Now you might say "But, Bryan, Todd's not the drummer for Styx.," so here's a brief explaination of their current lineup, and then the pics.

1) With the unfortunate passing of original drummer John Ponazzo, his spot was filled with the very gifted Todd Sucherman. Todd would come up with a medley of 17 Styx songs which the band performs live.

2) Dennis DeYoung, who along with brothers Chuck and John Ponazzo, founded Styx, split from the band (or possibly more accurate - the band split from him). Canadian solo artist and piano virtuoso Lawrence Gowan was brought on board to take his place. My brother and I were wary of seeing the band without Dennis. We called them the "pseudo-Styx" because without Dennis DeYoung, could you have Styx? I mean, who else could sing "Lady?" God, was I wrong. I about dropped a load along with my jaw through the floor when Gowan tore through "Grand Illusion" and playing his 360 degree spinning keyboard. After seeing his "Sergeant Pepper-esque" jacket, I now refer to him as the fifth Beatle, which is especially interesting since Styx has recorded a cover of "I am the Walrus" for their new album "Big Bang Theory."

3) At that same concert, we saw the return of Glen Burtnik, former Styx bass player from the 1990 album "Edge of the Century." Glen recorded with Styx on the "Cyclorama" album and would retire his position once again. One of my fondest memories of that concert is seeing Glen sing "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" with about 8 different bras hanging off his bass neck and wearing a Grand Poobah hat from The Flinstones. With the departure of Glen, the band brought on Ricky Phillips, formerly of The Babies and also played with John Waite in Bad English. Original bass player Chuck Panozzo had retired from Styx sometime after the "Brave New World" album, but still sometimes tours with the band and plays during the final part of their shows.

Now that we're through that....Here's the pics from the show.

James "J.Y." Young - The Godfather of Styx, who posed several times for my mom's camera.

Ricky Phillips aka Tommy Junior

The Great Lawrence "The Walrus" Gowan - FREAKIN ROCKS!!!

Tommy Shaw - sorry, no witty by-line here....he's just The Man.

Tommy and The Godfather

JY and Lawrence.....that's just a great thing to behold right there.

The boys rockin'....didn't realize we'd gotten the "action-hair" shot.

Till next time ya'll.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


So after 3 days of trying, I'm finally getting somewhere with the new Ace script. I'm hoping this works out, because with the demise of BAMF Fiction (more on that later), I'm beginning to doubt my ability to pull off any kind of film project.

Time, which seems to be the "make it or break it" variable in any project, doesn't seem to be in the abundance it was in highschool. People's schedules are more hectic. Spouses and children are thrown into the equation, but people make it work. Amateur films are all over the internet....and i don't just mean THAT kind of amateur film. You put a bunch of Star Wars fans together, they can whip out a fanfilm. The issue I'm dreading is trying to sell characters I made up in highschool to friends that don't know anything about this "universe" I've created and get them excited about it and not ask me "Can you share that crack you're smoking?"

I suppose I should note quickly, that not all the credit should go to me. It was my brother who created the name and look of Ace and a couple of the villains. I pretty much took it and ran with it, but again, more about that later.

Where was I? Ah, yes, rambling. Isn't that what these are for? So, in a nutshell, the writing is coming....slowly, but I have to admit it's something I've become more and more excited about. It's been a very long time since I've shot Ace and I'm looking forward to doing it once again.....hopefully before I turn 50 and Karlos Kingpin is in a wheelchair.


You'll find out.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Check, check....is this thing on?

Well....I got a blog......alrighty then. For the literal handful of people that'll probably end up reading this, this blog will primarily serve as an ongoing production log for the different projects I'm involved with. You can check out my website for more info. I think the link's over there....no, to the right...down...it's there, promise...From time to time I'm sure I'll also throw in some random thought or reflect on the day. Till next time.